FirstEnergy continues to provide opportunities for customers who are low to moderate income.  Here is information on the WARM program that provides eligible customers with FREE, energy-saving home improvements that could help save money, lower electricity usage, and increase the comfort of your home.

What are the benefits of the WARM program?
Customers participating in WARM:
            • Receive an in-home energy usage evaluation
            • Work with a trained energy educator to create an energy-savings plan
            • Have the opportunity to receive energy-saving home improvements installed in the home (see below for details)

What are the energy-saving home improvements?
Depending on how much electricity you use each month, the WARM Program could provide you with energy-saving home improvements such as:
            • Attic and/or wall insulation
            • Caulking and weather-stripping
            • Refrigerator/freezer testing and possible replacement
            • Electric water heater inspection
            • Energy-saving light bulbs
            • Replacement of inefficient window/wall air conditioners
            • The specific improvements that you are eligible to receive will be determined during your home energy evaluation. No payment is required for these installations/services.

How do I apply for WARM?
Call the Dollar Energy Fund at 1-888-282-6816, complete the online form at or paper applications (see below).