Building Permit

A Building Permit is required for any improvement that involves new construction, a structural alteration, or an addition. Permits are required for, but not limited to, the following: sheds, garages, porches (both new and replacement), pools and hot tubs, carports and building demolition. A building permit is not required for routine repairs or maintenance, for example a new roof (no pitch change), siding, and painting. Borough zoning regulations place various restrictions on the use of property, and on the location of all improvements and additions to property. It is best to contact the Borough Manager to inquire if you need a permit prior to the start of any planned change to your property, and to discuss zoning regulations that may be pertinent to your plans.

Zoning and building permits are necessary for all new signs, changes to signs, and relocation of signs. No sign may be erected, changed or moved prior to the issuance of a sign permit.

Home Occupancy

This permit is necessary for all approved home occupations. The document must be issued prior to the opening of a home occupation.

Sanitary Sewage

Solicitation License

A solicitation permit is necessary in the Borough of Scottdale for any residential door-to-door sales or transactions. The salesman is to show this permit upon request. Permits may be obtained at the Borough Building during regular office hours. Fundraising activities, such as hoagie sales and Tag Day must also have a permit.

Street Opening

Zoning Application

The Borough’s Subdivision/Land Development ordinance regulates the dividing of land, adjustment of property lines between neighbors, development of lots for single family, multi-family and other uses. Plans must first be reviewed and approved by the Borough.

Zoning Appeal Form