Storm Water Drainage
All Borough Residents are asked to make sure their roof downspouts are draining onto their property or into the storm sewer if available. There is an enforceable ordinance requiring residents to comply. Please separate the rain water from your sanitary sewer. Storm water should not be diverting onto any abutting property. When property is sold or transferred, the owner must contact the Borough Office to have a downspout inspection to verify that no storm water is being drained into the sanitary sewer system.

Every property owner in the Borough of Scottdale has the responsibility to remove all limbs and branches that restrict the vision of the motorist. They also must not obstruct the view of a street sign or streetlight possibly causing a hazardous situation. The property owner is required to maintain trees and bushes, sidewalks, curbs, or alleys on the property that abuts their own. All Limbs must be at least eight feet above any sidewalk and fourteen feet from any roadway.

Snow Removal
All residents are required to shovel or plow their sidewalks. Sidewalks must be cleaned within twelve hours after the end of a snowfall. While doing so, please do not shovel the snow into a street which has already been plowed. If a storm is anticipated, and if at all possible, please park your vehicle in an off-street parking spot. This reduces the risk of accidents when the Borough street crew either plows the street or spreads anti-skid materials. The Borough crew gives top priority to the streets that carry the highest volume of traffic, and the school bus routes. Streets that have priority are Broadway, Pittsburgh, Homestead, North Chestnut, Bridge, Mulberry, Loucks, Market, Mount Pleasant Road and Sixth Street. All the streets in the Borough will be plowed but it will take the Borough crew some time to complete plowing of all the streets. Please remember: Do not drive unnecessarily in a storm, especially in a severe snowstorm or freezing rain. Avoid calling the Borough Office, because the personnel are extremely busy dealing with the storm conditions.

Cutting Grass
All Borough residents are required to mow their lawns. By mowing your grass you lessen the chances of attracting nuisance animals. Also, there is an ordinance that requires all residents to keep their yards mowed. If the lawn is not maintained, the Code Enforcement Officer has the duty to write a citation to anyone who does not maintain their grass. When mowing the grass, please do not dispose of the grass clippings in the storm water drains. Please rake them up and put them on a mulch pile somewhere near your home or dispose of them properly. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep Scottdale looking clean and trim. Residents are advised not to discharge grass clippings onto public streets or sidewalks.

Property Maintenance
It is unlawful for anyone to store abandoned or junked vehicles, or to place garbage, rubbish or other debris on property within the Borough. In addition all areas shall be kept free from weeds or plant growth in excess of ten (10) inches.

Animal Control
Animals shall be kept under restraint unless it is kept inside a fence. No animal shall be upon any street, public or private property without being held on a leash and under the control of owner or attendant. No person shall allow any animal to soil upon any property, other than that of such person, without immediately removing same.

Subdivision/Land Development
The Borough’s Subdivision/Land Development ordinance regulates the dividing of land, adjustment of property lines between neighbors, development of lots for single family, multi-family and other uses. Plans must first be reviewed and approved by the Borough.

Rental Properties
The Borough requires all those who own or are in control of real estate within Scottdale Borough and allow other persons to occupy the real estate or portions of it, to file an occupancy report with the Borough office. Please contact the Borough office to request a reporting form.